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Get a FREE assessment of your rental property. Start here!

Get a FREE assessment of your rental property. Start here!

Retirement Income

retirement income
  Retirement Income: Have You Considered a Rental Property? Most Americans find saving for retirement income difficult. Today, the key [...] Read more

Real Estate Investing

real estate investing
Real Estate Investing or the Stock Market: What is Your Best Option? “Why is owning a rental property smarter than [...] Read more

Landscape Maintenance

landscape maintenance
Landscape Maintenance: Who is responsible?   As the seasons change, Real Property Management Central Arkansas wants to remind property owners [...] Read more

Coyote or Road Runner?

Are you the Road Runner or the Coyote? When it comes to Central Arkansas property managers, there are two types: [...] Read more

Central Arkansas Property Owners

central arkansas property owners
  Central Arkansas Property Owners Call for Back Up Our professional team at Real Property Management Central Arkansas conducts semi-annual [...] Read more

Help Residents Transition

help residents transition
How to Help Residents Transition from Apartment Living to a Single-Family Residence Every year, one in every six Americans moves, [...] Read more

Planning After Renting

  Making a Plan While in the rental property purchasing phase, your priorities are location, location, location. But after acquiring [...] Read more

Maintenance Expenses

  Get Those Maintenance Expenses Back on Track! When a marital relationship is in a state of disrepair, oftentimes the [...] Read more

Eviction Protection Program

eviction protection
  Eviction Protection That Parallels Witness Protection Most Americans are familiar with the Witness Protection Program offered by the federal [...] Read more

Hassle Free Evictions

hassle free
  Hassle Free Evictions Dealing with evictions is an unfortunate part of doing business in the Central Arkansas investment property [...] Read more

Tantrum free

  Two-year-olds and Tenants: Avoiding Tantrums in Your Investment Properties Let’s be honest: some people are about as easy to [...] Read more

Roller Coaster and Renting

roller coaster
  Roller Coasters, Renting, and Central Arkansas Property Management Imagine waiting in line for your favorite roller coaster. Finally, after [...] Read more

The Roommate Effect

  Roommate Effect: Good News for Real Estate Investors Are you an investor or rental property owner who is worried [...] Read more

Generation Rent

generation rent
  Millennial Generation Now Being Referred to as “Generation Rent” As the rising generation delays many life changing events, homeownership [...] Read more

How to Manage Hoarders

  Are You Renting to A “Hoarder”? 5 Strategies to Handle the Issue Though hoarding has been a hidden disorder [...] Read more

Ways to a Safer Neighborhood

Encouraging Tenants to Know Their Neighbors May Lead to Safer Neighborhoods for Central Arkansas Investors Next door is one of [...] Read more

What Millennials Really Want

  Central Arkansas Property Owners Ask, “What Do Millennials Really Want?” As the millennial generation is changing the way America [...] Read more

Rates for Rental Homes Rise

  Rising Rental Home Rates Good Sign for Central Arkansas Real Estate Investors Rental Statistics Report Released Shows Rent, Vacancy, [...] Read more

Inspections 101

  Central Arkansas Property Management Inspections 101: Why Inspections Should Be Conducted on a Regular Basis It’s no secret that [...] Read more

Guidelines to Good Tenants

good tenant
Wanted: Good Tenants for your Rental Units Central Arkansas property management can tell you that one sign of a good [...] Read more

DIY Property Owner Downfalls

DIY property
DIY Property Management in Central Arkansas Creating Headaches for Local Neighborhoods Investing in real estate over the last 50 years [...] Read more

Vacation Protection


Multi-Family Vs. Single-Family

Multi-family vs. Single-family Rental Property Investment WHAT YOU NEED TO KNOW ABOUT MULTI-FAMILY VS. SINGLE-FAMILY RENTAL PROPERTIES BUT WERE AFRAID [...] Read more

Committing to Rentals

  Central Arkansas Property Management finds that Rent is the New Buy The trending preference of renting over buying is [...] Read more

Tenant Safety Tips

tenant safety
  Tenant Safety Tips from Real Property Management Central Arkansas The safety and security of tenants are a top priority [...] Read more

Pros to Being Pet-Friendly

Is a Pet Friendly Rental Property Still a Good Investment? Often landlords feel that their rental property values will lower [...] Read more

Deleading Myths

5 Myths about Deleading In this blog, I discuss common myths/objections about deleading rental properties. It happens often enough that [...] Read more

Our Markets and Services

  Inside the Complex World of Central Arkansas Property Management: Markets We Serve In today’s complex world of Central Arkansas [...] Read more

Whose Fault Is It?

One of the greatest fears of any rental property owner is having bad tenants; tenants so bad that they cause [...] Read more